Offset Press Printing

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Arte Printing & Design has offered a wide variety of printing services over the past 25 years, serving all customers, big and small. While we do use gang-run printing for most of our jobs, we also have custom-run capabilities, including spot-color (PMS) printing and thermography (raised ink).

Gang-run Printing

"Gang-run" printing is the most economical way of printing a project. All print jobs are printed on large sheets (up to 28"x41"), meaning we print more than one piece at a time; rather than run only your job on the sheet, we fit as many other jobs as possible, to spread the costs of setting up the press, the plates, etc. Because gang-run prints are shared by multiple jobs, they cannot include spot color prints or special paper stocks (those would need to be run by themselves). We also gang-run digital print jobs.

Spot-color Printing

"Spot-color", also known as PMS (Pantone Matching System), printing involves using specially-made inks that are in accordance with the Pantone Matching System, an industry-wide standard where a specific color (dictated by a number, such as 3298) will appear exactly the same regardless of who or how it's printed. While many PMS colors are reproducible using standard four-color (CMYK) printing, the only way to guarantee an exact match is using spot-colors, and for certain colors (like Reflex Blue, or metallic inks), Pantone is the only way to achieve them. Spot-color printing requires a job be run by itself, and so is not recommended for smaller jobs due to costs involved in setting up the press, plates, etc.

Digital Printing

Digital Printing

Digital printing has made incredible progress in the last 20 years, and has allowed for features and options never available before. Today's digital printing quality is no different than offset in the eyes of the average consumer.

Short-Run Printing

Digital printing is ideal for low quantities and rush jobs, even in quantities as high as 1,000 (although the costs are significantly higher than offset printing at that high a quantity). From doing a single print sample to a next-day run of 500 or 1,000, digital printing is the way to go. We have recently improved our digital output with newly-acquired Konica-Minolta digital presses for both color and black & white printing!

Large Format Printing

Digital printing has expanded to encompass larger items, like posters, banners and signage. This type of printing requires a larger machine, commonly known as a large format printer, and they usually print onto rolls of paper or other material, instead of pre-cut sheets. Depending on the item, double-sided printing may be available, but registration (making sure both sides line-up) is not accurate.

Digital Imprinting

Along with digital printing comes automation and the ability to personalize certain items, such as postcards, letters and more. If you have a political campaign that you want to mail out, for example, we can address each individual postcard to someone based on a mailing list you supply. This can be done either at the original printing stage (if the item is a wholly-digital print), or we can mass produce your item on the offset press and leave a blank space to be filled in digitally afterward.